Archaeological Adventure in Blanc-Sablon

What better way to celebrate Canada’s 150th than learning about its rich history hands on?

Now’s the perfect time start thinking about your summer vacation and plan your adventure right here in Canada!

This summer, discover a new attraction in Quebec’s Lower North Shore region. Blanc-Sablon offers you a complete archaeological experience where you can take part in excavations for a day or even one or two weeks with a package including accommodation and meals! This unique attraction is an opportunity for travelers to discover a part of Canada through the eyes of an archaeologist and explore exceptional sites in the community.

CEDEC has been collaborating with Archeo-Mamu Côte-Nord and the Municipality of Blanc-Sablon since 2016 to implement the project “Archaeological Adventure in Blanc-Sablon.” This unique tourism product showcases the exceptional archeological heritage of the small community while developing the tourism offering in the region. The Lower North Shore has much to offer for adventure-seekers. From hiking to kayaking, you can enjoy the great-outdoors and take in the view!

Long-term vision

The Archaeological Adventure in Blanc-Sablon is the catalyst of a management and sustainable conservation plan to create and market a unique and sustainable tourism program with a focus on heritage conservation.

Strategically located a short ferry ride away from Newfoundland and a strategic future stop along the extended Highway 138, the community looks forward to increased traffic in coming years and a solid market to create new businesses and ultimately jobs and opportunities for a new generation.

Coming soon, organizers will be developing a promotion and distribution plan to increase exposure after the first pilot season this summer to position this unique experience within the tourism culture, heritage and eco-tourism sectors.

Traditionally, archaeology has been rooted in academia with the conventional product being museums and exhibition. The Archaeological Adventure in Blanc-Sablon by contrast has an outdoor, immersive and participatory adventure where the visitor contributes and makes real discoveries and life-long memories.

The Archaeological Adventure in Blanc-Sablon is a collaboration of CEDEC, Archéo-Mamu and the Municipality of Blanc- Sablon.

To learn more about how to get there, visit Lower North Shore Tourism