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September 20, 2017

Digging up the past. Developing the future.

Archeology spurs experiential tourism in Blanc-Sablon If the land could speak, oh what it would share with us! On Quebec's Lower North Shore, arrowheads, flakes, bones and dark, greasy soil reveal plenty of stories between different Indigenous Peoples, well before first contact with Europeans. There are at least 8,200 years of history to be explored [...]
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August 29, 2017

Five reasons to find a mentor

There’s no shortage of organizations in a variety of sectors offering mentoring services, but is everyone getting a mentor because it’s the trendy thing to do? Or are there tangible benefits for your small business? Here are five things to consider if you've been thinking about getting a mentor. 1. Shorten your learning curve Startups [...]
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July 10, 2017

Why youth entrepreneurship is key to our country’s future

Reflecting on the past 150 years of Canada’s successes and failures naturally leads to thoughts of its future. We’ve come so very far economically, technologically and socially in such a short time – and all in no small part to the enterprising nature and hard work of determined and resilient Canadians. It’s that very spirit [...]
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July 6, 2017

Tourism Information Network – Edition 10

TOURISM INTELLIGENCE NETWORK | Edition 10 | July 2017 In partnership with RDÉE Canada and the Chaire de tourism Transat de l'ESG UQAM, this initiative is designed to share essential information to support the development of the tourism industry within Canada's Official Language Minority Communities. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Putting Mauricie on the Foodie Map There are 52 local [...]
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June 27, 2017

Business Career Passport for students maximizes career prospects

Business students at Simon Fraser University have access to a new kind of passport to help them navigate their entry into the world of work. Traditionally, post-secondary students find their way to a career centre near the end of their studies, leaving them with a flurry of last-minute self-reflection, writing and preparation prior to graduation. [...]
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