CEDEC’s Labour Market Information Network has launched

April 18, 2017 | Workforce Development

CEDEC’s Labour Market Information Network has launched! On March 29, 2017, the network, including representatives from the education, government, community and private sectors, held its first meeting to validate the goals of the network, discuss challenges, and identify the key pillars of a community-based workforce development research plan. The work of the LMI Network supports CEDEC’s Workforce Development Strategy.

Now that the LMI Network is active, next steps include growing the network, consulting with stakeholders, and building a research plan that will improve access to consolidated and robust labour market information.

Standing (left to right): Michael Smith, McGill; Dawn Copping, CEDEC; Stéfan Bergeron, ESDC; John Buck, CEDEC; Stacey Dakin, CEDEC; Stephen Thompson, QCGN
 Sitting (left to right): Lorraine O’Donnell, QUESCREN; Darlene Hnatchuk, McGill; Kim Fuller, Phil Communications; Laura Kolbe, CEDEC Consultant
 Virtual participant: Nancy Arthur, University of Calgary

Labour Market Information Network

CEDEC is recruiting  researchers, experts and business leaders to participate in our Labour Market Information Network.

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