Are you an established SME interested in expanding into Quebec?

With world-class universities, a highly-skilled and multilingual workforce, Quebec’s diverse economy and cultural identity combine to provide a unique environment to do business.

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  • Learn about Quebec consumer trends, the province’s business culture, navigating key rules and regulations and more.
  • Benefit from the experience of successful entrepreneurs that will share their perspectives on doing business in Quebec.

We have a roster of experts and resources on hand to help you do business in Quebec and can provide practical information and experience about Quebec’s business laws and regulations, available research and development funding and tax credits, the legal environment and best practices.

“Montreal and the province of Quebec are dynamic markets for U.S. exports.  Montreal is a vibrant, multicultural city with unique assets in specialized fields and a strong focus on innovation, creativity, as well as research and development.”

– Nina Maria Fite, United States Consul General in Montreal

“Moving forward means growth, tapping into changing global trends, building and supporting innovation – in an inclusive way. You don’t need government to do it for you, you need us to set the table for you.”

– David Birnbaum, Member of the National Assembly for D’Arcy-McGee

“I came to Quebec for the government incentives to start my business but I stayed for the talent and the quality of life.”
– Alain Tascan, Founder of Ubisoft and Sava International

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