Tourism represents a major area of opportunity for development within English-speaking communities in Quebec as a means to diversify economies, start new businesses and create jobs. Recent decreases in international tourists coming to Canada has sparked a renewed interest at all levels of government to support development of this sector. With a growing number of special interest tourists attracted to culture and heritage, and neighbouring Ontario, American, and distant British markets showing a strong interest in cultural tourism, there is untapped tourism development potential for English-speaking communities within Quebec.

According to the World Tourism Organization, Canada has not been in the top ten ranked destinations since 2004; in 2010, Canada ranked 15th. Implementing Tourism 2025 will restore Canada to its top ten ranking for international arrivals. We would see:

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Through Tourism 2025, we expect to

  • Stimulate new business development and create jobs
  • Support the growth of existing businesses directly or indirectly related to tourism
  • Provide a framework for partnership development with key tourism stakeholders

Tourism 2025

CEDEC’s plan to create 46,900 jobs and inject $5.2 billion into the economy

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