5 tips for getting back (and staying) on track

It’s easy to get lost in the weeds and the rush of the everyday to-do list.  Or, maybe, we get lost in the excitement of a project and lose our original focus.  And sometimes we’ve just been plugging away for so many years that we forget why we started our business and before you know it, we’ve lost our way. 

Whatever the reason, there are a few simple steps you can take to reinvent, refocus or reinvigorate your business venture. 

Back to basics

Getting back to basics isn’t about forgetting everything you know or starting from scratch. Think of it as more of a re-centering exercise. Revisiting and refining the basic elements that got you where you are today can help take your business up a notch. Take stock of your skills, your resources, your finances, your goals, and your benchmarks to determine what is lacking. Work your networks to find the right tools and resources to fill any gaps. 


To help determine where your business should be going and how, triangulate your current location on your business strategy map. For example, by assessing your finances, sales strategies, and operations management together, you’ll have a clearer picture of what you should and should not be doing in each focus area. This will help you determine what’s throwing you off your planned route and where more effort is required to efficiently integrate key components of the business success equation.   

Revisit your past

If you’ve kept good records look back at times of growth to see exactly what you were doing during that period. Are you still doing that, or did you let it fall by the wayside? Is it something you can tweak to fit current circumstances? 

Seek out advice

Get a second – or third, or fourth – opinion from outside experts who specialize in pinpointing and planning for opportunities. Often, an objective viewpoint can be worth its weight in gold.  

Benchmark and generate intentions

If you haven’t kept records in the past, start today. Recording your successes and failures (which are just as important to record so 1- you don’t repeat them and 2- in future you can see what you did to overcome them) will help you benchmark critical steps along your business building journey. Furthermore, it’s scientifically proven that by writing your goals down, you’ll be more likely to achieve them. Another business growth hack: generate words that capture your intentions, words that keep you focused on your purpose and in a growth mindset moving forward.   

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