Creating Dialogue for Tourism Development

For a tourism industry to thrive, there needs to be a critical mass of visitor experiences and cooperation among businesses and other stakeholders to ensure everyone can succeed and contribute effectively to growing this economic opportunity. CEDEC Revitalization, on November 19, hosted its first Festival and Event Dialogue Day in Quebec’s Gaspésie to discuss volunteer recruitment and retention, promotion, and how to manage budgets and handling of money on-site during an event.

Representatives from eight different festivals and events, from Gesgapegiag to Port Daniel shared their ideas and best practices and made B2B connections with potential suppliers.

A key message coming from the dialogue is the desire of all groups to collaborate and not compete with each other with the goal of creating a better, sustainable Gaspésien tourism product.

Next steps include :

  • potentially creating a coordinator position to manage all festival and event committees.
  • sharing bulk purchases, such as entrance bracelets, to reduce cost.
  • creating communication channels, such as a private Facebook group, to connect festival organizers.
  • Collaborating to promote events

Festival and event organizers who were not able to attend the meeting are invited to join in this work and get involved in these next steps.

To find out more, contact David Felker, Project Manager of CEDEC.