Enhancing Economic Activity on Quebec’s Lower North Shore

March, CEDEC joined Coasters Association in St. Paul’s River, QC to celebrate our respective 20th and 30th anniversaries and highlight how our organizations have worked together and leveraged each other’s work during this time. 

Over three decades, the English-speaking communities along the Lower North Shore coast have weathered changing times and economic tides and today there is incredible opportunity to be explored as new economic opportunities emerge to develop and market the area’s natural assets in today’s new economy.

The Lower North Shore, which covers a territory of around 65,000 km2, contains a variety of different geographical landscapes and interesting natural resources that are unique to subarctic climates. These resources, historically used by Indigenous peoples and previous generations for medicinal and health purposes, are clean and pristine. The people that continue to live in this region take pride in this heritage and their environment, protecting its natural beauty as much as they can.

Harvesting Opportunity

The natural resources found in these types of climates have adapted to harsh and cold temperatures and typically contain chemical compounds that allow them to survive and withstand these conditions. These enriched compounds, highly valued in the holistic health global market, are key ingredients for nourishment and treating certain health conditions.

To get this natural resource to market, the Harvesters Guide, co-produced by CEDEC and Coasters Association, is a comprehensive yet practical tool to help individuals collect raw materials for sale and production in a sustainable manner.

A US-based distribution partner in the cosmetic and nutraceutical sectors has already been secured and CEDEC is working with Coasters Association to enhance this economic activity among other opportunities in the region.