#SBSchat: Building Resilience in the Workplace

Date(s) - 19/06/2019
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


What is resilience and is it an innate trait or the result of careful practice? How can strengthening your resiliency help you succeed at work and create a better workplace environment?

In this chat we will be looking at resiliency strategies for deliberately influencing your work environment and building authentic connections. We’ll also explore why you should allow yourself to fail and how (e.g.: using a mentor’s advice so you learn how to make mistakes BEFORE there are disastrous consequences).

Cost: FREE
Where: on Twitter under the hashtag #SBSchat
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Q1 – What does resilience mean to you? #SBSchat 

Q2 – What are some qualities of or strategies used by resilient people? #SBSchat 

Q3 – Can you share an example from your professional life of resilience in action? #SBSchat  

Q4 What self-care strategies do you use to maintain your health and reduce stress levels? #SBSchat  

Q5 – What has been your most important lesson that came from failure? #SBSchat  

Q6 – What are some coping strategies to deal with self-critical thoughts or self-doubt? #SBSchat  

Q7 – Should the workplace play a role in supporting employees who are experiencing or expecting challenges in their lives? If yes, how? #SBSchat  

Q8 – What advice could you offer a manager who is struggling with employees who cannot see another’s point of view? #SBSchat 

Q9 – What does your business do to ensure a healthy and thriving culture that encourages resiliency? #SBSchat  

Q10 – How can you apply the above concepts to build and maintain resiliency in the workplace?   #SBSchat 

Q11 – Any other tips or advice before we sign off today? #SBSchat 

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