#SBSchat: Can a Mentor Help You Startup or Scaleup?

Date(s) - 24/01/2018
7:00 pm

How a mentor can help you start up or scale up

You might have heard a lot about soft skills lately, but do you know how valuable they can be to a business owner? Join us on the next #SBSchat to talk soft skills, how to get them, how to use them to grow your business, and how a mentor can be critical to the success of your startup or scale-up venture.

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Guest Speakers:

Negar Haghighat

Negar is the founder of the Business Clinic that has been serving SMEs in the greater Montreal area since 2014. She is a consultant specializing in strategic and succession planning.

Her marketing background enables her to demonstrate a direct line between better management and higher profits. She looks specifically at the balance of capability vs performance within the framework of strategic planning. She also partners with business owners to plan and manage succession, whether alongside the buyer or the seller. She especially enjoys mandates involving family business dynamics, as this is where her strengths of empathy and compassion are most required.

Sonia Di Maulo

Sonia is a Global Leadership Strategist, an award-winning author, and a performance & evaluation expert.

She helps organizations thrive by bringing people together and fostering connection. Driven to create a more equal and just society, she sees community as the ideal mechanism for strengthening the impact of organizations.

Sonia believes that community is essential for creating significant, scalable impact, as well as for building mutually supportive, meaningful relationships.

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