#SBSchat: Extending Your Tourism Business Beyond the Summer Season

Date(s) - 21/08/2019
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


With changing travel patterns, cheaper travel and accommodation fees and more available options, today’s tourists are driven by a variety of authentic experiences and a desire to do more throughout the year. Your tourism business could be well-positioned to take advantage of the ‘shoulder season’, the months surrounding summer’s highest influx of visitors.

How can you determine if keeping your business open longer is a good fit? What other products or services can you offer? What resources and tools are available to help you analyze the opportunities?

Join us on the next #SBSchat where we share ideas for generating tourism opportunities into the fall and beyond.

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Q1 – What are some key factors that are contributing to a longer summer #tourism season in Canada?  #SBSchat 

Q2 – How can you brainstorm value-added/extra products or services that your #tourism business could offer in the ‘shoulder season’ (the months surrounding summer’s highest influx of visitors)? #SBSchat 

Q3 – What are some things you should consider when determining whether to keep your #tourism business open longer is the right decision for you? #SBSchat  

Q4 – What are some examples of #tourism business ‘extras’ you’ve come across? How are entrepreneurs innovating to bring in additional shoulder season revenue? #SBSchat  

Q5 – What are your creative strategies to address workforce challenges during the off-season?  

Q6 – How do you promote your business to get potential visitors engaged and hyped about the shoulder-season? #SBSchat  

Q7 – How do you re-engage locals and loyal customers during the shoulder season? #SBSchat  

Q8 – Why should someone travel out-of-season? How can you convince them that it’s a great idea? What are the perks? #SBSchat 

Q9 – Can shoulder season #tourism help diversify the economy of rural communities? How so? #SBSchat  

Q10 – Any other tips or advice before we sign off today? #SBSchat  

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