#SBSchat: From Plans to Process: How to Make Business Happen

Date(s) - 19/12/2018
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


A successful business doesn’t happen overnight. To scale your business in the right direction, you’ll need to plan strategically. Black and white plans are one thing, but how do you put all those plans into action? Let’s share tips, tools, do’s and don’ts on the next #SBSchat.

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Q1 – What’s the difference between strategy vs action plan vs process? #SBSchat 

Q2 – Once you’ve put all your plans on paper, how do you turn them into actions? #SBSchat 

Q3 – What’s your go-to tool(s) for keeping you focused & on track as you start and/or grow your business or project? #SBSchat  

Q4 – What’s the biggest “don’t” when planning for growth? Why? #SBSchat  

Q5 – If you have an established business how can putting plans on paper drive growth? #SBSchat  

Q6 – If you’re a startup how can putting plans on paper help you find funding, customers, your USP? #SBSchat  

Q7 – How do you stay motivated when plans and actions don’t go according to, well, plan. 😛 #SBSchat  

Q8 – How do you identify growth opportunities? #SBSchat  

Q9 – What are your top tips for a startup or growing company to help them facilitate plans into process (action and growth)? #SBSchat  

Q10 – Any other tips or advice before we sign off tonight? #SBSchat 


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