#SBSchat: How Rural Entrepreneurs Can Start Up and Succeed

Date(s) - 20/02/2019
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


While some challenges are common to all startups and small business, rural entrepreneurs face other obstacles (and opportunities!) unique to their environment. How can you access funding, employees, and other resources? Who are your go-to support systems? On the next #SBSchat we want to hear your success stories and your ‘been there, done that’ advice so we can help the next wave of rural entrepreneurs start up and succeed.

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Q1 – What are the most common barriers to success for rural #startups and #entrepreneurs? #SBSchat  

Q2 – It’s not all doom and gloom: what are some of the perks/benefits of starting up & running a business in a rural area? #SBSchat 

Q3 – There are two types of networks used in business and industry clusters: Hard networks and soft networks.* (*The following two tweet have definitions.) How can the two be optimally integrated and developed for sustainability? #SBSchat  

*Hard networks: are generally small groups formed to achieve specific business objectives, use formal agreements for sharing resources, and are based upon making a profit in the short term. (Source: http://bit.ly/2HnJHMv) 

*Soft networks: usually large groups that are dependent upon membership dues—which are formed around related industries, have open memberships, and look at more generic topics of interest. (Source: http://bit.ly/2HnJHMv) 

Q4 – Labour shortages are occurring in all industries, both rural and urban. What can a #startup or #SME do to find workers in a rural setting? #SBSchat  

Q5 – There’s plenty of power and ingenuity in rural regions. What are some shining examples you can share to help inspire other rural entrepreneurs? #SBSchat 

Q6 – How can a rural community strengthen their competitive advantage and leverage their businesses on a broader scale (even worldwide – think big! 😊 )? #SBSchat  

Q7 – How can rural entrepreneurs and #SMEs demonstrate their critical importance to the overall economic well-being of the country to policy makers and other ‘powers that be’? #SBSchat 

Q8 – How can #startups #entrepreneurs & #SMEs collaborate with urban or rural partners to boost rural business opportunities &/or #startups? Are there are any successful models you can share? #SBSchat  

Q9 – What are your top suggestions for organizations that help #entrepreneurs succeed in a rural setting? #SBSchat  

Q10 – Any other tips or advice before we sign off today? #SBSchat 

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