#SBSchat: Innovating for Growth

Date(s) - 25/07/2018
7:00 pm


Innovations aren’t always about the big things. They’re about making your business more productive, sustainable, and competitive. On the next #SBSchat we’ll discuss different types of innovation and how to map out your opportunities based on your business’s strengths to help you design innovation geared towards growing your business.

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Q1: Are there different types of innovation? What are some examples? #SBSchat

Q2: What does innovation mean to you and your business? How do you make it a daily part of your business? #SBSchat

Q3: Can you innovate for growth AND sustainability at the same time? How? #SBSchat

Q4: What are some key ingredients to the innovation and growth recipe? #SBSchat

Q5: What role do your customers play in your innovation & growth strategy? #SBSchat

Q6: What role does e-commerce and the digital world play in diversifying and driving growth? #SBSchat

Q7: How can you create a business culture of innovation and growth? #SBSchat

Q8: How can you determine your business’s strengths and map out innovation & growth opportunities based on those strengths? #SBSchat

Q9: Is there a difference between creativity and innovation? If so, how can they complement each other to encourage business growth? #SBSchat

Q10: What are some tools & resources you use to help your business innovate and grow? #SBSchat

Q11: Any other thoughts, questions or tips before we wrap up #SBSchat?

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