#SBSchat: Job Hunting in the Digital Age

Date(s) - 25/09/2019
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Digital technology is in a constant state of evolution and in addition to reshaping numerous industries, it has also changed the landscape for job hunters looking for positions within those industries.

Employees’ lives are open books shared on social media, presenting both a potential problem in terms of what a future employer might see, but could also present an opportunity: social platforms can offer a space where job seekers can curate and highlight personal and professional content to complement their résumés.

For employers, social media offers great potential as a recruiting pool, but takes a committed investment of time and money to find the right employees. This can be a challenge for small- and medium-sized enterprises with no formal dedicated HR department.

Are employers and employees ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that the online world and digital technologies will bring to the hunt for the perfect job or employee?

On the next #SBSchat we’ll discuss current trends and technologies used in the search for the ideal candidate as well as how job seekers can use digital tools and online spaces to their advantage.

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