#SBSchat: Our Changing Economy – Growth in a Full-Employment Environment

Date(s) - 20/06/2018
2:00 pm


How do you grow your business in Canada’s current full-employment environment? Does an inclusive and diverse workplace increase your ability to attract the right talent? How do you support students and job seekers in making informed, successful career decisions and confidently presenting their value?

We are riding the fourth industrial revolution, a changing economy, where AI and automation are redefining the workplace: Enter upskilling, reskilling and bringing everyone’s talents to the table.

Join us in discussing what’s working and where we need to go from here on Wednesday, June 20, at 2 pm EST.

Cost: FREE
Where: on Twitter under the hashtag #SBSchat
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Q1: As a business owner, where do you go for advice or support for recruiting specialized and non-specialized talent in our current full-employment environment? #SBSchat #CEDECWFD

Q2: As an employment service provider, who is reaching out to you more for support in finding skilled talent: big businesses or SMEs? What are some other tactics these groups are using to source talent? #SBSchat #CEDECWFD

Q3: Does an inclusive and diverse workplace increase your ability to attract the right talent? How? #SBSchat #CEDECWFD

Q4: Older workers are omnipresent in the gig economy; however, some youth are choosing this project-based lifestyle, too. Is this ideal for an SME seeking to grow without hiring fulltime employees? #SBSchat #CEDECWFD

Q5: In terms of employees sourced from the gig economy, is there a trade-off when it comes to just-in-time skills vs. deep knowledge of business values & culture? #SBSchat #CEDECWFD

Q6: Many of Quebec’s bilingual post-secondary graduates are flocking to the rest of Canada to find employment. What role can businesses play to encourage them to stay and help steer the Quebec economy? #SBSchat #CEDECWFD

Q7: How can we best integrate pools of skilled workers, including internationally trained/experienced talent, Indigenous People and people with disabilities, into the workforce? #SBSchat #CEDECWFD

Q8: When it comes to #AI and #automation, how have these new realities affected your business and your ability to find the talent you need to grow? Do you see these required skills being addressed in the education system? #SBSchat #CEDECWFD

Q9: Do you recruit via social media? If so, have you seen an increase in respondents? What are the pros and cons of recruiting this way? #SBSchat #CEDECWFD

Q10: What do you do/who do you connect with when an employee or a team needs skills training to tackle a project? #SBSchat #CEDECWFD

Q11: Any other thoughts, questions or tips before we wrap up #SBSchat?

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