#SBSchat: Pro Tips for Launching and Building a Social Enterprise

Date(s) - 18/12/2019
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Entrepreneurs across Canada are eager to start businesses with positive social and economic impacts in their communities.

But what does that mean and what steps are involved in setting up a social enterprise? Where can you go for financial support and help to launch and grow?

Join us on the next #SBSchat where we’ll discuss what it takes to create a successful social enterprise.

Cost: FREE
Where: on Twitter under the hashtag #SBSchat
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Q1 – What is the definition of a social enterprise?  

Q2 – What are the important differences between a social enterprise and a ‘traditional’ business model?  

Q3 – What are some of the critical first steps you need to take when setting up a #SocEnt?   

Q4 What are some common myths and misconceptions about social enterprises?  

Q5 – What are some challenges one might experience setting up a #SocEnt? How can you overcome them?  

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Q6   Is a #SocEnt business model a good idea in rural communities? Why or why not?  

Q7 – What elements must your #SocEnt include to be sustainable?  

Q8 – What are some best practices for building a social enterprise that makes money?  

Q9 – How can you measure the impact and success of your #SocEnt 

Q10 – Where can you go for funding or other types of business support when launching and growing a #socialenterprise 

Q11 – Any other tips or advice before we sign off today?  

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