#SBSchat: Skills to Succeed: What SMEs & Startups Need to Launch and Grow

Date(s) - 26/09/2018
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


What resources and tools does it take to build an idea into a business? And once your business is established, how do you make sure it stays on the right track? Where can you go for business support or funding?

Join our expert guests on the next #SBSchat to learn about the skills you’ll need and who can help you launch and grow your business.

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Q1 – “Passion and dedication” are always mentioned when talking #startups & growth #SMEs, but what are some other key ingredients to the success recipe? #SBSchat

Q2 – What are some of the crucial first steps you need to take when moving from business idea to business reality? #SBSchat

Q3 – Once your business is established, how do keep everything on track? What are the most important benchmarks or daily tasks? #SBSchat

Q4 – What are soft skills, some examples, and how critical are they to launching and growing your business? #SBSchat

Q5 – How important is a solid business plan when launching a #startup or new product/service? What are some alternatives? #SBSchat

Q6 – Being an entrepreneur can sometimes be a lonely gig. Who should be included on your team or in your inner circle? Why? #SBSchat

Q7 – Can a mentor help when you’re starting up? Who makes a good mentor? Where can you find one? #SBSchat

Q8 – Once your business is established, who should be on your short list of go-to business support resources that you can draw on time and again? #SBSchat

Q9 – What are some of your indispensable, go-to tools, apps, resources, or support organizations for your #startup or #smallbusiness? #SBSchat

Q10 – Any other tips or advice before we sign off tonight? #SBSchat 

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