#SBSchat: The Broken Rung: How to Leap Past an Obstacle to Women’s Business Success

Date(s) - 25/03/2020
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


According to a study by McKinsey and LeanIn.Org, the biggest obstacle a woman faces in the business world is not the heights and limitations of the glass ceiling, but the missing first step on the corporate ladder: the promotion to manager.

This ‘broken rung’ means that there are less women making it past entry level and therefore less women advancing up the ladder to higher positions within companies.

In honour of Women’s Month, our March Twitter chat will explore the broken rung phenomenon and what it will take for women to climb nimbly up the ladder.

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Q1 – So, first: What does the broken rung represent for you as a woman in business? (BTW: here’s the link to the definition: http://bit.ly/2upIIVZ 

Q2 – Have there been times when you needed to jump past that broken rung? How did you handle it?  

Q3 – What are some of the typical challenges still facing women in the business world (as an employee or as a business owner)? Are things getting better? How so?  

Q4 What effect, if any, will the broken rung phenomenon have on our future economy if not addressed?  

Q5 – What are some compelling business reasons for a company to eliminate gender bias and how could they do so?  

Q6 What are some tools and resources that can help companies recognize bias and help them take actions to boost deserving women up the ladder?  

Q7 – What changes in hiring and promotion practices have you seen in the last five years? How have they affected the broken rung phenomenon?  

Q8 – As individuals, what are some ways we can fix the broken rung and unlock women’s potential?  

Q9 – In terms of entrepreneurship, women-owned businesses have grown 3x’s faster than male-owned biz since 1976 (@bdc_ca). Are there particular support mechanisms a #womaninbiz needs to succeed?  

Q10 – Any other tips or advice before we sign off today?  

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