#SBSchat: Using Tourism and Economic Development Initiatives to Spark Community Collaborations

Date(s) - 20/11/2019
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Community collaborations between stakeholder organizations are often the key to a rural community’s success.

How can tourism and economic development initiatives bring important players together? What impact will these collaborations have on the economic success of our rural communities? Who should sit at the table and how can we ensure everyone recognizes and receives value from any projects undertaken? What does success look like?

Join us on November’s #SBSchat to share your tips and best practices so that together, we can help other communities succeed.

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Q1 – What are the benefits of implementing and nurturing collaborations between partners (including #tourism) to stimulate economic development in communities? #SBSchat #CED 

Q2 – How can organizations working in communities find others to collaborate with who are doing similar things or working towards the same goals? #SBSchat  

Q3 – How are #tourism and economic development initiatives unique in rural communities versus urban? #SBSchat #CED 

Q4 – How do you determine which key players are the best ones to have at the table? Or should it be a come-one-come-all approach? #SBSchat  

Q5 – What are some good examples of #tourism and community economic development initiatives pairing up for the good of the community? #SBSchat #CED 

Q6 – Why is #tourism an ideal sector for creating collaborations that stimulate economic development in communities? #SBSchat #CED 

Q7 – Who are some potential partners that can collaborate around #tourism to simulate economic development in communities? #SBSchat  

Q8 – How can community organizations encourage collaboration and what should they share (e.g: shared best practices and/or tools, shared projects, etc.)? #SBSchat   

Q9 – What does collaboration mean in the context of a #rural community? What elements should be in place to achieve success? #SBSchat 

Q10 – What are some ways you can measure impact and success from collaborations? #SBSchat 

Q11 – Any other tips or advice before we sign off today? #SBSchat 

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