Innovation and the Digital Economy in the Gaspésie and Magdalen Islands

December 18, 2017 | Small Business Support

The Professionals in Information Technology and Communications Conference (ProTIC) is an annual conference that brings best practices to the Gaspésie and Magdalen Islands related to the digital and innovative technologies.

CEDEC, in partnership with the Technocentre, hosted the ProTIC 2017 conference November 23-24, in Gaspé, Québec.  The conference saw over 100 attendees from all realms of business and organizations related to, or interested in, information technology and communication.

Sterling Lambert, Project Manager, shared how CEDEC’s use of technology, such as online platforms and sharing sites, can offer specialized services anywhere in Quebec, and even beyond. Peter Stastny, CEDEC Business Advisor, demonstrated this in real-time with a moderated a discussion between entrepreneurs on-site and partners and subject matter experts from across Quebec through videoconference technology.

Panelists included business support representatives from the Société d’aide aux collectivités (SADC) and Canada Economic Development for the Regions of Quebec (CED-Q) offices in Gaspé that were present locally while Legal Logik, Office of Small and Medium Enterprises (OSME) and Futurpreneur joined by video-conference.

Group Ohmega, a local windfarm company demonstrated how their new communication technologies have expanded their business. For example, its single turbine at the Raglan mine in northern Quebec is monitored and controlled from home base in Gaspé, opening up a world of opportunities in Quebec and internationally.

The Director of the Festival Musique du Bout du Monde, Stephane Brochu, explained how using file sharing servers such as Microsoft Sharepoint, allows his committee to handle event planning and logistics in real time.

Sterling Lambert, CEDEC Project Manager, addressing the crowd at ProTIC.
Raglan Wind Turbine
Street scene at Festival Musique du Bout du Monde

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