Kégaska Planning Session

As a follow up from the community consultations in Kégaska on November 5, community members from Kégaska and CEDEC representatives held a virtual planning session on November 28, 2012. The purpose of this meeting was to further explore the different opportunities that could be developed associated to the extension of Route 138 to their area in 2014. For Kégaska and the Lower North Shore, this is a big development as it will connect Kégaska to Natashquan and to the rest of Québec.

As travelling to the Lower North Shore will soon become more easily accessible, tourism development is a key opportunity expressed by community members including an interpretation centre that could act as the tourism hub.

Snowmobile travel is the mode of choice during winter months as there is limited road access. A four-season serviced campground/parking lot along the ‘Route Blanche’ trail along the Coast was another business idea proposed to attract snowmobilers during winter and travellers during the summer.

Throughout the conference call, CEDEC’s team responded with insight and suggestions about how they can assist the group throughout the process. It was felt that the first step in the development would be to identify additional community members to help support this process. Going forward, both groups agreed to do their part in making sure additional key members attend the next meeting such as the recently appointed Mayor and the Director of the Regional County Municipality (MRC).

One of the most encouraging outcomes of this meeting was the excitement and commitment from those who did attend. Each participant agreed to be members of the “development group” for Kégaska. Because of this interest from the community, CEDEC will organize a two-day follow-up meeting in the community to spend two days working with the development group, the Mayor and MRC to start work on a Strategic Plan for their community.

Going forward, CEDEC intends to continuously provide support and guidance to the development group in Kégaska in their efforts. How CEDEC will do this will be a major focus of the work sessions in January.

Travelling along the Coast during the Winter.
Kégaska in the distance.
Kégaska in the distance.