How to make your tourism business stand out

In Canada, tourism generates $102 billion in annual economic activity, 1.8 million jobs, and contributes as much to our country’s wealth as agriculture, fisheries and forestry combined.

Over half (56%) of tourism jobs are in rural areas and tend to be filled by young people and new Canadians. And increasingly, seniors are taking jobs in this sector as they seek stimulating, people-oriented work.

With many of Quebec’s English-speaking communities situated in a rural context, tourism is an important means to diversify economies, start new businesses and create jobs.

Tourism’s competitive landscape

With other countries also ramping up their tourism strategies, how can Canadian businesses stand out? Canada’s Tourism Strategy outlines how communities can differentiate themselves to unlock their economic potential and help bring Canada back in the Top 10 destinations in the world.

CEDEC’s Tourism 2025 strategy hones in on how we are supporting Quebec’s tourism sector and businesses to attract and maximize the potential of English-speaking visitors.

With all this opportunity before us, CEDEC Small Business Support (SBS) advisors are ready to help startup or expand tourism businesses. CEDEC’s wide network of public, private and community partners opens a gateway to funding, services and resources for businesses as well.

How to get started

If you’re unsure about where to start, take advantage of our Free discovery session with a CEDEC Business Advisor.  In this free, one-hour session, your CEDEC business advisor will analyze your current operation or business idea and help you to prioritize actions into immediate, medium, or long-term steps. After breaking it down into less overwhelming, step-by-step actions, you will have a better idea of what benchmarks to set, what resources to hire, and where to find funding.

Aspiring entrepreneurs (aged 18-39) can also benefit from a free discovery session through CEDEC Youth Start-Up. CEDEC Youth Start-Up connects young entrepreneurs to relevant experts, tools, and resources to help move an idea to action.

Invest in your Professional Development

Starting & Building A Business Course

Starting and growing a business is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. This interactive 12-week online course will help you acquire the skills, knowledge, and tools to develop your business plan and model, and grow your business.

Sales courses

Learn how to improve your sales processes and attract your highest potential customers with these sales courses:


Visit our webinar library for access to free webinars covering a range of business topics.

Resources to build your business

Tourism Business Plans

A tourism business plan will be your guide, a roadmap for your business that pinpoints where you need to go and shows you how to get there. As you encounter roadblocks and detours, your business plan will be your map to get back on track.

Your Custom Business Profile

An alternative (or complement) to the business plan is the customized business profile that contains all your information in one dynamic, online document which you can access anytime from any device for those spur-of-the-moment pitching opportunities.

Scaleup Your Business

Once you’ve moved past startup, you’ll eventually hit the scaleup stage. How will you identify the opportunities that are right for you? How will you address potential risks and challenges? The Build Your Business package will help you figure out where and when to put in the most energy and resources for optimum results.

To create a successful and sustainable tourism business you need to have increased visibility within your community and online to the world, access to funding and a healthy cash flow, training (for you and your employees) and networking opportunities to open up new markets and business partnerships.

To get help with any of these areas, reach out to the CEDEC at (888) 641-9912 or

And don’t forget to book your free one-hour discovery session!

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