A Partnership to Support Successful Business Transfers in Quebec


For Immediate Release

MONTREAL (QC) – August 13, 2018 – CEDEC and SuccessionMatching Ltd. (SXNM) have partnered to offer bilingual succession planning and business transition services across Quebec.

This partnership is providing direct services to owners throughout the life cycle of their business, as well the resource providers that surround businesses to provide sound advice and knowledge in preparation for a future business transfer.

“SuccessionMatching and our economic development and educational services brand, Succession Plan Canada, are proud to be supporting Quebecois business owners and entrepreneurs through this partnership,” said Meg Ronson, Director of Partnerships at SXNM. “Welcoming CEDEC into our rapidly-growing SuccessionMatching Community Project (SMCP) means we are one step closer to providing nationwide succession and ownership transition support. This partnership will provide business owners throughout the business life cycle, as well as the resource providers who support them, with sound knowledge, advice, and services to prepare for a future business transfer.”

“The successful transfer of a local business is an essential element in ensuring that Quebec’s English-speaking communities thrive, grow and continue to contribute to economic development in our province. By working with SXNM, CEDEC will provide English-speaking business owners across Quebec with access to focused tools and resources so that they can optimize their business transfer strategies and maximize the value of their companies,” said John Buck, President and Chief Executive Officer of CEDEC. “This partnership will also help us to raise awareness among young and new entrepreneurs about the importance of making business transition an integral part of their business plan. CEDEC’s bilingual business advisors will now be even better equipped to support owners looking to plan and successfully execute the transfer of their companies.”

With CEDEC joining the SMCP, business owners, business service professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs across Quebec will have free access to the English-language SuccessionMatching Community Project Webinar series. It runs from October 3 to November 27 and features 15 webinars on a variety of crucial topics in succession planning and ownership transitions. Registration is now open at www.successionplancanada.com/webinars.

Those who would like to participate in a future French-language webinar series are invited to express their interest in attending in 2019 at www.plandesuccession.com/webinaires.

CEDEC is a leading partner and driving force for community economic development and employability. CEDEC supports business development and growth, helps employers connect with the right talent, and builds community capacity for planning and partnership development that generates new economic activity and opportunities for communities and businesses to thrive.

SXNM runs SuccessionMatching.com, an online community of business buyers, sellers, and succession planning professionals. Their mission is to ensure farms and businesses in communities across North America continue to operate for generations to come. They provide the assistance required for successful ownership transitions that benefit all parties involved. SXNM works closely with Succession Plan Canada to deliver educational resources and tools across Canada to communities facing business and farm succession challenges.

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Kirsten Hathaway
Communications Officer