Promoting Systemic Change in Services and Community

January 19, 2016 | Workforce Development

In the fall 2014, CEDEC successfully mobilized partners and the community to work together to first identify the systematic challenges English-speaking women face when trying to access services. Next, CEDEC worked with partners and members of a volunteer advisory committee to develop a five year strategic plan to address barriers facing organizations that offer services. The third phase of the project involved CEDEC and members of the partner and advisory committees implementing the strategic plan.

Audrey Keating-CEDEC, Nicolas Arseneau-CJEI,  Marie-Helene Leblanc-Service d’aide à l’emploi des Îles, Josiane Doyle-Caisse Populaire Desjardins Entreprises des Ramées

Audrey Keating-Project Manager, Stacey Dakin-Operations Manager, Joy Davies-Project Coordinator, Véronique Asselin-Program and Development Officer Quebec Region Status of Women Canada

Strategic priorities:

  1. Increase women’s self-confidence and reduce their family and domestic workloads.
  2. Develop women’s networks and increase their awareness of local services and opportunities.
  3. Improve English-speaking women’s French language skills.
  4. Increase women’s employability skills and foster their professional development.

Two years after the project started we are proud of what has been achieved; of the 12 activities in the strategic plan 8 have been completed or are ongoing, the remaining 4 will be addressed over the next 2-3 years.

Participants during SBS workshop in Grosse-Ile

L’Accalmie kiosk during Community Resource Fair

Project Successes:

  • Bilingual Self Esteem Workshops: L’Accalmie will continue to host workshops that allow women to practice their second language skills while learning about Self-Esteem and other important issues affecting women in the community.
  • Employability workshops: In 2015, Carrefour jeunesse emploi offered workshops at Grosse-Ile School and has confirmed they will continue to do so in the future.
  • Youth Start-Up workshops: CEDEC, SADC and CDR hosted two workshops in 2015, participants were inspired by Evan Currie’s experience as a self-published author and their enthusiasm was reflected in the many questions that were asked during the workshop.
  • Community Resource Fair: The fair, a first of its kind for Grosse-Ile, attracted over 40 community members and 20 bilingual organizations.
  • Get Connected 5@7: This event, hosted by CEDEC, brought together employers and job seekers for an informal networking session.

NewWay self-esteem workshop led by l’Accalmie on November 11, 2015

Evelyne Gauthier, Director of Human Resources for Mines Seleines networking with a job seeker at the Get Connected 5@7 in Grand Entry

Upcoming initiatives (Starting January 2016):

  • French second language courses: Emploi-Québec, Groupe Collegia and the Grosse-Ile Community Learning Center will be offering courses in Grosse-Ile starting January 25.
  • Community Resource Iles-de-la-Madeleine Video series: Videos will be released via CEDEC’s Facebook page. Filmed in both English and French, residents of the Magdalen Islands will be able to learn about the services available to them from their home or mobile device.
  • Resource and Service Provider Brochure: The brochure will be easily accessible online or at our partner offices in early February 2016.

Ruth Taker-Manager at Cap Dauphin Fisherman’s Coop at the Get Connected 5@7

Get Connected 5@7 held December 4th at La Salicorne in Grand Entry