The revitalization agent accompanies each development committee group in order to establish clear developmental priorities for their municipality. In many cases, further development subcommittees will need to be established.  The subcommittees focus primarily on the topic that interests them and have the ability to develop those priorities specifically.  This provides direct attention to the timeline and projects within a topic.  For example, a subcommittee could be created from the development committee to focus on tourism development for the community.  The subcommittee will then focus uniquely on research, projects and timelines associated with tourism.  It’s an efficient way to develop a priority.

Once the final development plan is formalized, it is presented to the municipal council for ratification.

Typical Sub-Development Committee examples:

  • Zoning committee
  • Tourism development committee
  • Agricultural development committee
  • Youth entrepreneurial development committee
  • Sports and Leisure coordinator committee

Plan and policy examples:

  • Municipal tourism development plan
  • Municipal family policy
  • Seniors policy
  • Municipal economic development plan
  • Agricultural development plan