Get Exclusive Partner Deals

CEDEC SBS clients receive exclusive deals offered by our partners and sponsors. Contact Kimberley Griffith at 888-641-9912 or by email to benefit from these deals and more.

7.5% discount on rail travel

Take the train and maximize your productivity. With VIA Rail business class, you can benefit from priority boarding, free Wi-Fi and uninterrupted cellphone use. Arrive at your destination prepared and refreshed.

15% discount off the regular rate of all Legal Logik services

Legal Logik provides high-quality legal services to individuals and businesses in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Individuals can choose from a variety of customized services to meet their personal needs. Newly incorporated businesses benefit from flexible options to help them grow and established corporations receive the more complex legal assistance they may require.

As a CEDEC Small Business Support (SBS) corporate partner, Legal Logik is proud to offer SBS clients the Legal Logik Start-up Legal Survival Kit at the rate of $1,500.00 (original total value of $3,550) or 58% discount for start-ups.

The Legal Logik Start-up Legal Survival Kit includes:

  • Creation of a Quebec Corporation ($250.00 additional fees for a corporation with a federal charter), complete with all organizational resolutions.
  • A minute book complete with appropriate registers, by-laws, and share certificates for each shareholder.
  • One full year of Legal Logik’s corporate maintenance, including preparation of annual resolutions and all other resolutions required to document important transactions and other legal events.
  • Any two (2) contracts available through Legal Logik Inc.’s vast database of contract templates, personalized to the needs of your business activities and industry.
  • A complete revision and feedback/suggestions for any contract provided to your business for signature or review.

20% discount on all web product development

Publikit offers fixed-rate online marketing tools designed to give your business a personalized presence on the web and designed to scale as your business grows.

Provides custom websites that adapt to any screen (desktop, laptop or mobile device) or corporate videos designed for the web.

15 % discount on advertising, one consultation session, and one free upload to The Suburban Online

The Suburban is the weekly newspaper of choice for English Montreal. Make print advertising with the Suburban part of your marketing strategy.

10% discount on all translations; 15% discount on project translations; Free translation of 500 words per year; Free 2 hour project coordination / strategic review (minimum 10-hour project)

Vinkit Strategic Translation provides turnkey business project services related to sales, marketing, communications and translation. They help small and medium businesses optimize their sales and communications efforts in Quebec’s bilingual environment (French/English). They can help manage your website content, publishing calendar, corporate communications, client proposals, “programme de francisation” and other projects in any or both languages.

One month Free Service

Xen Accounting is a fully virtual, cloud-based Chartered Professional Accountant firm. With a focus on offering timely, accessible, proactive professional accounting services, Xen Accounting leverages the latest technology to not only help give small businesses 24/7 access to financial reports but to also automate some of the more mundane parts of their accounting.

10% discount on fees associated with assessment of specific infrastructure components, troubleshooting, email hosting, server/application hosting, ad hoc advice and help desk.

Guardian combines IT (infrastructure) with business architecture (operations and processes) and strategic management (meeting external challenges) to create a simple, holistic model that is easily adaptable to startups and small business. Guardian builds and manages computer networks, including office automation, remote administration, network security, remote access, home support, help desk, and training.

As a CEDEC Small Business Support (SBS) corporate partner, Guardian is proud to offer SBS clients:

  • A 10% discount on fees associated with assessment of specific infrastructure components, troubleshooting, email hosting, server/application hosting, ad hoc advice and help desk.
  • A comprehensive IT and business process evaluation of member/client businesses as a premium business service for an inclusive price of $1,200.

20% discount on all catalogue items (regular and sales price)

In business since 1984, Publicité Ad Factory consistently finds the best deals on a wide array of custom printed advertising, promotional items and branded corporate gifts as well as business forms, cheques, banners, and more. Publicité Ad Factory is happy to help your small business find products that fit within your budget.

As a CEDEC Small Business Support (SBS) corporate partner, Publicité Ad Factory is proud to offer SBS clients:

  • A 10% discount on catalogue list prices for set-up and/or artwork fees after the first three months
  • A 15% discount at their retail store located at 1001 Lenoir, Suite A-206, Montreal (QC)
  • For additional fees Publicité Ad Factory can also help plan your events or design a logo!