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CDC du Haut-Saint-Laurent

The CDC’s mission is to encourage proactive participation of community organizations and stakeholders in their community’s socio-economic development. Acting as an umbrella organization, they bring together over two dozen community organizations dealing with quality of life, community development and poverty.

Rémi Pelletier, the CDC’s coordinator, approached CEDEC Small Business Support when he came into this management position. Tasked with creating a three-year strategic plan that was to include restructuring the organization’s current model to something that would generate revenue, Rémi needed help determining what were the best options for his non-profit.

His CEDEC Small Business Support certified GrowthWheel® advisor worked with him to develop a plan which included elements such as increasing membership fees, attending conferences (professional development events through which he could bring back best practices to implement within his own organization), and becoming a member of the local Chamber of Commerce in order to benefit from revenue sharing activities.

"CEDEC tailored its offer to meet our needs. Their research and analysis complemented our thoughts and will help guide next year's tasks. A receptive team that is ready to listen."

– Rémi Pelletier

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