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Drake Wood Design

Oliver Drake is a professional woodworker based in Chelsea, Quebec. A graduate of the cabinet making program at RTC in Montreal (1999), he has worked until recently in England and France, combining his love for antique restoration with a passion for contemporary design. His specialty is finely crafted furniture using ethically sourced wood and sustainable timber drawn from local woodlots.

Living a somewhat isolated life working out of his shop attached to his house, Oliver doesn’t often get out and meet new people. He decided he wanted to engage more with people in the outside world after he realized that this is where connections are made and ideas are built upon. He was also looking for someone to provide him with a framework to help him stay focused and disciplined.

Torn between struggling to make a living by creating beautiful furniture (his preferred occupation) and conducting more lucrative activities (teaching and producing kitchen cabinets), he suffered from a lack of focus. Oliver’s CEDEC SBS mentor, an experienced businessman, helped him develop various soft skills, namely critical thinking and organizational skills.

His mentor helped him stand back, look at things objectively, and establish priorities. By adopting these skills, Oliver now makes better use of his resources, including his time, allowing him to focus on the direction he wants to take his business in as well as maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

“Having a personal connection is very important to me. The one-on-one guidance from my CEDEC mentor has made me ask tough questions about my business and how it affects my life. As a first-time business owner, this is an essential part of my growth.”

– Oliver Drake

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