Client Impact

Manufacturing Management Advisor (MMA)

As a Lean Management expert, Mike Davis’s company helps other companies learn how to run their business operations more smoothly, at less cost and with increased customer loyalty. He also emphasizes ‘Management Action’, to help employees be more engaged in company goals, and ‘Management Accounting’, which helps business owners fully understand the components of financial results and how to act on them. His tagline: “Better methods, better results.”

Mike struggled with picking up the phone to solicit new clients. His CEDEC Small Business Support certified GrowthWheel® advisor helped Mike overcome his fear of telephone prospection through role playing sessions to address his hesitation and cement the belief that the phone is his best friend to help book appointments with potential clients.

Throughout the 12 hours spent with Mike, his advisor taught him twenty-five key prospection and sales techniques focused on fine-tuning customer relations, client approach and client retention. During his time spent with his advisor, Mike practiced these methods on six potential clients and locked-in one.

“Following a 360° GrowthWheel® business assessment, I was able to focus very specifically on my exact business and my specific personal approach to marketing. This was not a scattering of marketing ideas, but rather very specific skills honed for me to actually do immediately.”

– Mike Davis

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