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Recyclage Chaleurs Inc.

Recyclage Chaleurs Inc. is a scrapyard in Bonaventure, Quebec. After recently taking over the family business with her brother, Amélie, an ambitious young entrepreneur, had many projects to get off the ground. She felt that she didn’t have the expertise required and not knowing where to turn, a family member pointed her in CEDEC’s direction.

Amélie is looking to not only add value to the business, but to consider its environmental implications. This means finding ways to manage the business differently, yet sustainably and at a profit.

She’s also looking at several other opportunities such as selling off the current land and building and moving to the soon-to-be developed industrial sector.

Amélie’s CEDEC Small Business Support certified GrowthWheel® advisor has so far helped her determine which projects and steps should come first, how to prioritize actions as well as how to differentiate activity (doing stuff just to keep busy) from accomplishment. He will also help her determine best buyer-seller scenarios and develop an action plan for innovation as the business moves into the future.

"With CEDEC, I found the coaching I needed - not to do the work for me, but to guide and help me figure out how to bring my projects to completion. We are only at the beginning of the process, but I can already see my project take shape. I am pleased with the work done to date.”

– Amélie Pitre

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