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Un, Deux, Trois Dollar Shop

Un, Deux, Trois Dollar Shop is a retail dollar store in Otter Lake, Quebec. Originally started by two sisters, one sister has recently removed herself from the business. CEDEC Youth Start-Up and CEDEC Small Business Support both played a key role on several occasions in helping the sisters, and now the sole owner, establish and grow the business.

Belinda and Bonnie Bérubé’s initial challenge was where to find funding and how to determine which steps they should take first to start their business.

After attending a CEDEC Small Business Support Youth Start-Up workshop and follow-up conversations, it was determined their next step was to register their business and find a funding source, so CEDEC referred them to the local CLD and SADC. The Youth Start-Up project manager also provided them with a list of websites where they could learn more about Quebec rules and regulations for starting a business (e.g.: NEQ registration).

When her sister left the business, Belinda needed help to take over the paperwork and finances. CEDEC accompanied her through this transition, guiding her to resources once again as well as recommending next steps such as contacting her accountant and the bank.

Things are now in order and CEDEC Small Business Support will be working on additional GrowthWheel® worksheets with Belinda in early 2017.

“CEDEC helped us find the proper resources and prepare for all the obstacles we faced. The Youth Start-Up workshops made us realize that everyone has a dream; it just takes enough drive to make it a reality.”

– Belinda Bérubé

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