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Visceral Performance

Visceral Performance is a Montreal startup challenging the status quo in sporting goods by making advanced composites available and compelling for athletes everywhere.

Roberto Rossi faced several challenges as a co-owner of a business in which the other partners were also friends – a situation that is not always easy to manage. The company has so far done extremely well provincially: they successfully secured a major loan to launch their company and won a grand prize at Quebec’s J’osentreprendre competition. This rapid success has created a lot of pressure from both a media and financial point of view, resulting in the partners looking for someone to guide them through this stressful period. (Another partner also signed up for a mentor.)

Roberto’s CEDEC SBS mentor helped him develop his organizational abilities, which included coaching him on how to approach his partners so that they could have a productive conversation about establishing distinct and clear roles and responsibilities. Roberto realized that when people know what is expected of them and what they are responsible for their work is more efficient and productive. This approach also improved team spirit since everyone now has clearly defined expectations around their contributions for future success of the company. Roberto also realized that while having job descriptions might seem obvious, when knee-deep in the everyday activities of running a business, a mentor can help owners step back and recognize what is lacking or what could be improved.

“After six months of using CEDEC SBS mentoring services, I can say it has provided me with a great sounding board. Talking to experienced entrepreneurs is like having an extra set of eyes which helps people like myself optimize the way to conduct business. I also appreciated the matching process which paired me with a mentor that thinks differently than I normally would.”

– Roberto Rossi

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