Gil Gruber MBA

Gil Gruber

Gil is the CEO of Direct Objective Consulting. An entrepreneur with a results-oriented philosophy, Gil’s career is centered on increasing marketing efforts and revenue for new products, building new alliances, and establishing new distribution channels. He has developed solid working relationships with start-up companies, as well as top executives at large worldwide corporations, such as Ericsson, Microsoft, IBM, AT&T and Toyota (Japan). He arrived to the province of Quebec 14 years ago.

Today, Gil is managing a Montreal-based boutique marketing agency that specializes in the commercialization of technology solutions and assists companies to succeed in new markets. The firm helps bridge cultural gaps enabling companies to set the right strategy to penetrate new markets. The agency ensures that brands are in-line with local culture and executes marketing plans that constantly attract new prospective clients.

Prior to founding Direct Objective Consulting, Gil’s success was recognized by CNN, Forbes and Gartner. He was a seminar leader at the McGill Executive Institute and he recently published a book entitled “Turn On Marketing”, which discusses proven methods to attract new clients.