Mentoring Services

CEDEC Small Business Support is proud to be a provincial partner in the Réseau M network.  As we refer our clients to Réseau M, we ensure that there is a good match with one of over 1,500 mentors throughout the province of Quebec. 

You and your mentor: a winning combination!


Reflect upon the ways in which decision-making affects the business.
Step back and consider the realities of and opportunities available to the business.
Take greater risks to develop and grow the business.
Recover quickly from a mistake.


Are inspired to learn and embark on a process of personal and professional development.
Demonstrate a positive attitude towards the mentor and mentee relationship and mentoring outcomes.
Take into consideration advice offered by the mentor in order to improve their entrepreneurial skills.
Take responsibility for their actions and decisions.

Did you know…

73% icon

73% of business owners who are mentored not only survive the first five years of operation, but also continue to prosper.

Source : Ministere des finances and de l’économie du Québec et Réseau M