Soft skills for the future

February 21, 2019 | Workforce Development

Kelly Boutilier, adult learning specialist at CEDEC, shared her expertise on improving workplace readiness with StartUp Canada along with Sonia Di Maulio, founder of Harvest Performance, an organization that fosters connection to help others thrive, and Brian Haugen who has over 20 years of experience and education as a Red Seal Heavy Duty Equipment Technician in the public and private sectors.

With deep and diverse backgrounds, experience and expertise, Kelly, Sonia and Brian recognize that technology and online platforms are continuously changing the ways we interact with clients and employees, our ability to listen, collaborate and even problem solve.

Together, this trio shares a common goal of embracing change and they do that with one simple solution – implementing soft skills.

In this StartUp Canada podcast, the trio refines the definition of soft skills, what they look like in a business context and how valuable they are in today’s changing world.

Kelly Boutilier is an Adult Learning Specialist working for CEDEC on the Co Op Vocational Training Pilot Program, which aims to improve work place readiness for First Nations and minority English speaking communities. An experienced educator and community-economic developer in Canada and abroad, Kelly is committed to developing thriving communities where individuals embrace what is possible for themselves and their lives.