African-Canadian Career Excellence

ACCE (African-Canadian Career Excellence) arose out of an ongoing relationship between the African and Caribbean Students’ Network (ACSioN) and the Black Community Resource Centre (BCRC) to address the loss of strong, highly educated young adults from the Greater Montreal Area as they face issues of unemployment and underemployment in the region.

Mindful of the struggles of the Black community to sustain its own institutions, build vital and dynamic neighbourhoods, and support economic growth, CEDEC and the BCRC created a joint-initiative in 2009 to stem this out-migration of Black graduates. ACCE now holds one of CEDEC’s longest-running partnership agreements and Action Plans, with a 20-year timeline leading into 2030.


The ACCE initiative :

  • Supports Montreal’s Black graduates in finding gainful and sustainable employment in their various areas of specialisation with salaries that are in line their qualifications
  • Encourages Black graduates to stay in the province of Quebec and contribute to the vitality of the community as a whole
  • Enhances professional capacity building
  • Creates a culture of diversity hiring in the public and private sectors

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