Impact Women’s Lives by Changing the System

In 2014, CEDEC initiated a 24-month project to engage women and community organizations in the Magdalen Islands to develop strategies to increase women’s access to a broad range of economic options. Working with local partners and stakeholders, discussions were centred on needs and opportunities identified in a gender-based analysis which formed the foundation for a 5-year strategic plan to addresses the barriers and opportunities for women in the Magdalen Islands.

Phase 1: Engage and establish working partnerships
Phase 2: Identify assets and opportunities
Phase 3: Develop and adapt strategies
Phase 4: Implement a community-specific approach

Strategy 1: Increase women’s self-confidence and reduce their family and domestic workloads
Strategy 2: Develop women’s networks and increase their awareness of local services and opportunities
Strategy 3: Improve English-speaking women’s French language skills
Strategy 4: Increase women’s employability skills and foster their professional development

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