Labour Market Information Network

Access to consolidated and robust labour market information is a critical requirement for an innovative and growing Canadian economy. All stakeholders in a thriving economy benefit from this knowledge.

CEDEC’s Workforce Development Strategy and its Labour Market Information (LMI) Network is in line with the Federal Government Advisory Council on Economic Growth’s recommendations. This network of labour market researchers, experts and business leaders will gather, analyze and generate targeted labour market information, such as forecasting high growth sectors, and ensure its coordinated dissemination.


  • Over the past 15 years, the proportion of English-speakers in Quebec has grown considerably, by as much as 50% in some regions.
  • Economic and labour force pressures have made obtaining gainful employment more difficult.
  • An increasing number of young, well-educated English-speaking Quebecers are leaving the province to pursue employment elsewhere.
  • Information about the English-speaking workforce in Quebec is not complete or easily accessible.

Dawn Copping,
CEDEC Project Coordinator
819-566-7228 | 888-641-9912


Bring together business leaders, researchers, and other labour market experts.

Pool existing labour market data, generate new LMI and ensure its accelerated and consistent accessibility.

Work alongside the proposed FutureSkills Lab and the LMI Council to provide access to LMI that will promote inclusive economic growth.

Develop a research action plan to address identified labour market information gaps.

Use labour market information to help employers access the right talent.

Influence the direction of future workforce development research.