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April 18, 2017 | Workforce Development

Salon Priorité-Emploi Estrie 2017

Working behind the scenes at the Zone multilingue offers a snapshot of a community in all its diversity. It was the second year that CEDEC organized the Zone at the Salon Priorité-Emploi Estrie, in partnership with La Direction régionale Emploi-Québec Estrie, Townshippers’ Association and a great team of volunteers!

This year’s Salon welcomed over 3,500 visitors and offered access to 90 exhibitors. Over 100 job seekers completed written and oral comprehension / expression evaluations during the two-day job fair.

The Zone welcomed a microcosm of the broader community: from newcomers advancing by leaps and bounds in French, their second or third language, to mature job seekers seeking a new challenge, to students ready to take on the world.

This year saw a marked increase in English speakers in attendance: 28.3% of job seekers at the Zone were evaluated for French second-language skills in 2017 as compared to 9.6% in 2016.

Pascal Brassard emerged from the Zone, proof of his second-language levels in hand, ready to meet employers on hand at the Salon. Zone multilingue volunteer Étienne Domingue is seen on the right.

In addition to locals, job seekers from Montreal seeking potential opportunities in the Eastern Townships were also among the visitors to the Zone. Some of these multilingual individuals left the Zone with confirmation of their advanced second and third language skills in English and French.

One-on-one conversations revealed that job seekers in the Eastern Townships speak a variety of different languages, including Spanish, Afghan languages, and several from different countries from the continent of Africa.

“The zone played a really big role in the success of our Salon this year. We had a lot of candidates, a lot more than expected and to save us time we sent all candidates who were not 100% fluent to the Zone.”

Nancy Romanick
Recruitment Specialist, Global Excel Management

Several employers seeking bilingual candidates sent potential hires to the Zone to confirm their skills, while others filled their bank of candidates thanks to having a better understanding of their second-language levels.

“The zone played a really big role in the success of our Salon this year,” indicated Nancy Romanick, Recruitment Specialist with Global Excel Management. “We had a lot of candidates, a lot more than expected and to save us time, we sent all the candidates who said that they were not 100% fluent to the Zone.”

When it comes to filling jobs with candidates who made use of the Zone multilingue service, Romanick explained the employer’s recruitment strategy at the career fair: “In terms of people we hired – we actually did not have a lot of positions opened.”

“We do this type of event to get a bank of good candidates. We added over 50 people to our bank and all but a few were sent to the Zone and most of them did.”

The Zone multilingue inspired another skills evaluation space at the Salon Priorité-Emploi Estrie this year; the Zone bureautique, staffed with friendly faces from the Lennoxville Vocational Training Centre, enabled visitors to have their accounting, and other basic computer skills evaluated in English or French.

Many thanks to our community volunteers at the Zone again this year. We hope to see you again next year.

Zone multilingue at Foire de l’emploi

On March 31-April 1, 2017, Quebec City was the place to be for the 19th edition of the annual Foire de l’emploi de Québec – Chaudière-Appalaches. The seasoned team at the Zone multilingue spent two days greeting and evaluating English and French second-language skills of 318 job seekers, . Traditionally, close to 40% of employers at the Foire de l’emploi have positions to fill that require English second-language skills.

The number of job postings at the Foire de l’emploi has grown over the last decade due to globalization and increased export opportunities as well as collaboration among a broad set of community partners working together to support job seekers who are working to improve their skills and achieve their career goals.

The Zone multilingue has been serving both employers and job seekers in the greater Quebec-City region for over 10 years.

Supported by the Foire team, Emploi-Québec, the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Québec and the Chambre de commerce de Lévis and Emploi-Québec, the Zone is headed up by the Eastern Québec Learning Centre and assisted by the Valcartier Family Centre, Voice of English-speaking Québec and CEDEC.

This year, the Foire de l’emploi hosted 163 employers and welcomed 10,100 visitors over the two days, which is an increase in visitors to the job fair over last year’s 9,500 visitors. According to statistics from Emploi-Québec, the March 2017 unemployment rate in the Capitale-Nationale region was 4.6%.

A peek inside the Zone multilingue at the Foire de l’emploi in Quebec City. For a portrait of their second language skills, jobseekers complete a written comprehension test and then meet a teacher from Eastern Québec Learning Centre for an oral test.

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