How we do it

CEDEC has more than twenty years of on-the-ground experience and a team with a combined decades-long list of expertise and knowledge in economic development.

CEDEC’s extensive breadth and depth of knowledge provides us with unique data-driven and experiential insights that allow us to build and scale up forward-looking businesses; grow local, regional, national, and global trade; upskill workers; create jobs; and boost public-private-civil society (PPCS) investment in viable ventures.

As a leader in collaborative economic development, we use our innovative Collaborative Economic Development Model (CEDM) to:

Convene, broker, facilitate, and coordinate multisector (PPCS) collaborations and partnerships.

Identify and assess community assets, advantages, and opportunities for economic development.

Conduct community-relevant economic research and analysis.

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Enable results tracking and measurement.

Our CEDM is opportunities-driven. It helps communities capture and leverage their unique advantages, assets, and strengths to drive economic innovation, growth and development, and achieve lasting economic success through labour force development and community investment.

We foster purposeful collaboration that inspires people to work for each other to enhance economic activity.

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