Public, private, civil society sector partners collaborate to place talent from English-speaking Black Community in available jobs

With a significant job vacancy rate in Quebec, Sobey’s, Una Buro, and the English Montreal School Board have joined forces with the Black Community Resource Centre (BCRC) to place available and qualified talent from the English-speaking Black Community (ESBC) in available jobs in the Greater Montreal Area (GMA).

Sylvie Nardin, BCRC board member and Venture Lead says, “This new Public, Private and Civil Society (PPCS) Venture will match English-speaking Black Montrealers with businesses and service institutions.” Nardin underlines that the PPCS Venture “leverages a pool of young, educated, and bilingual ESBC Montrealers ready and willing to work. It improves the economic lives of individuals in the ESBC and the performance of businesses and institutions in the Greater Montreal Area.”

“Our innovative collaborative Venture brings together the know-how and resources of employers, civil society groups like BCRC, and public sector organizations like the English Montreal School Board,” says Raeanne Francis, BCRC’s Managing Director. “Given the availability of jobs and talent, we intend to create a more innovative, accurate, and efficient matching process to pair talent from our community with available jobs.”

Dr. Clarence S. Bayne, Professor Emeritus, Supply Chain and Business Technology Management, Concordia University, current President of the Black Studies Center and member of the Board at BCRC states, “Inequality in Canada’s economy specifically impacts visible minorities, and this is particularly true when it comes to the underemployment and unemployment of this population.” Dr. Bayne emphasizes, “Our Collaborative Venture is an innovative and concrete way to promote inclusion and workplace diversity. It will help our community members advance their careers and contribute their talents to the growth of Montreal’s economy.”  

CEDEC’s President and CEO, John Buck, says, “This Public, Private, Civil Society Venture is an example of the innovative and capacity-building power produced by pooling the know-how and resources of all core community sectors. While unemployment and job vacancies are disruptive to economic development in the GMA, Venture Partners see available talent and jobs as assets to be leveraged to improve the lives of individuals, businesses, and service institutions, as well as the vitality of the ESBC.” 

Collaborative Economic Development brings together public, private, and civil society sectors to find innovative ways to generate economic benefits that improve the lives of individuals, businesses, social enterprises, and communities. To learn how your community can Build Better Economies for Better Lives, or for more information about this Venture, contact CEDEC at