We’re not just looking for “talent”.
We’re looking for YOU!

Help us reshape the economic development landscape with our Collaborative Economic Development Model – join the CEDEC team!

If you’re looking for dynamic, challenging, and meaningful work that’s more than just a “job”, check out these open positions:

Current opportunities at CEDEC

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3, 905
Total population
30 %
English speakers (1,180)
31,0 84 $
total income
48.5 %
Participation rate

Top 3 industries by employment

11. 5 %
Retail trade
10. 2 %
Health care and social assistance
10. 2 %
Professional, scientific and technical services

Anticipated benefits

  • Increased investments in agri-food production
  • Higher revenues and an expanded range of products for local producers
  • New businesses and new jobs
  • A diversified local economy providing year-round employment and higher tax revenues
  • A thriving agri-food industry generating revenues and providing a new regional attraction
  • More newcomers settling in the region

Why have I stayed with CEDEC as long as I have?  There is always evolution happening here that reignites my interest in my own work and that of the organization. Through this time, any requests I have made to pursue professional development have been supported 100%, including the flexibility and appropriate work-life balance to achieve it.

Kirsten Hathaway, Communications Officer

Why is CEDEC right for you?

CEDEC helps communities achieve lasting economic success with a collaborative hub model that drives innovation, labour force development and investment.

But what does that mean for you? Why does that make CEDEC the place you’ll want to share your skills and experience?

Working at CEDEC means that there are numerous opportunities for you to meaningfully contribute to the community in which you live and countless others across the province and the country.

It also means that the work you do will lead to tangible benefits and noticeable impact like building and scaling forward-looking businesses; growing local, regional, national, and global trade; upskilling workers and creating jobs; and boosting investment in viable ventures.

And there’s plenty of room for creativity, exploration of new ideas, and leadership development!

But the best part? The CEDEC team. Not only does CEDEC ascribe to working collaboratively outside of the organization, but it’s how we roll on the inside as well. You’ll be surrounded by colleagues who are invested in seeing you succeed and who offer the support and resources to help you excel.

We’re looking forward to saying “welcome aboard”!

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What are some of CEDEC’s best organizational values? We are a big team of problem-solvers who love a good challenge and a chance to chip in with a contact, a potential solution, a template, a study, or a brainstorming session, to support a colleague, another team, or a CEDEC initiative. Many of us have been here for a while – some since the very beginnings of the organization in 1999-2000. That makes for some rich relationships and corporate knowledge along with seriously invested individuals.

Michèle Thibeau, Director

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