CEDEC Privacy Statement

In accordance with Québec’s Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector, CEDEC is committed to the responsible and transparent collection, use, and disposal of personal information. Quebec law defines personal information as any information that can be used to identify an individual directly or indirectly.

CEDEC collects, retains and uses personal information to:

  • Keep people informed about our work
  • Deliver our services
  • Work with partners and stakeholders
  • Process event registrations
  • Evaluate our business activities and ensure accountability
  • Fulfill obligations and legal requirements as an employer
  • Conduct business with vendors
  • Undertake economic research

Note that CEDEC undertakes research according to strict ethical standards designed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Ways that CEDEC collects personal information include:

  • Fulfilling requests from individuals to be added to our “mailing list” for communication purposes
  • Consulting contact information that has been published publicly and conspicuously for the explicit purposes of business communication
  • Processing event registrations
  • Negotiating memoranda of understanding, partnership, and collaboration agreements
  • Managing vendor and employment contracts
  • Undertaking economic research

CEDEC does not sell personal information, nor does it share or distribute personal information for purposes other than for defined business purposes. We do not retain personal information that is no longer needed, and dispose of unneeded information securely.

Whenever possible, we obtain direct consent to collect and retain personal information.

CEDEC has practices in place to protect personal information against loss or theft. This includes the unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification of such information. Specifically, CEDEC

  • Secures and restricts access to places where personal information is stored in “hard copy”
  • Uses passwords, encryption, and other security measures when personal information is stored electronically
  • Reviews regularly its own data protection practices and those of vendors that supply information management applications to CEDEC
  • Implements responsible data disposal practices that guard against the unauthorized retrieval of personal information
  • Trains its staff on measures and practices to protect personal information

CEDEC uses cookies on its website to gather nonpersonal information from visitors to our site. This not only improves the visitor experience, but also helps us measure traffic on our website.

While CEDEC has in place robust measures to protect personal information, there remains a risk that of a security breach or incident. CEDEC has a protocol in place to deal constructively any breaches or incidents that involve personal information. In the event that personal information held by CEDEC is compromised, we will:

  • Log the incident
  • Take immediate corrective action to address the security issues that have caused the incident
  • Assess the risk of injury to persons affected by an incident
  • Inform the Commission de l’accès à l’information if there is serious risk of injury to affected individuals associated with an incident
  • Inform all individuals affected by an incident and assist them mitigating injury or the risk of injury
  • Review and improve measures designed to protect personal information

Contact our Privacy Officer

You are invited to contact CEDEC’s Privacy Officer if you have any questions about our privacy policy and practices. Our Privacy Officer can also assist you if you:

  • Would like to inquire about your personal information that we retain
  • Want a copy of your personal information that we retain
  • Wish to make a complaint about our handling of your personal information
  • Want your personal information removed from our records

Please note that we cannot release any personal information without proof of identity.

Eduard Kloss

Information Technology and Privacy Officer

1493 Route 138
P.O. Box 90013
Huntingdon, Quebec
J0S 1H0
888-641-9912 ext. 2116