Collaboration to increase tourist traffic and revenues across shared tourism space between Lower North Shore (Quebec) and Labrador (Newfoundland)

Tourisme Côte-Nord, Destination Labrador, the MRC Golfe du Saint-Laurent, the six Visitor Information Centers (VICs) on the Lower North Shore and across Labrador, and several community tourism operators, have agreed to work collaboratively to increase tourist traffic and revenues in their shared interprovincial tourism space. This venture is supported by the Community Economic Development and Employability Corporation’s (CEDEC) Collaborative Economic Development Model. 

Stakeholders across the Lower North Shore (Quebec) and Labrador (Newfoundland) want tourism to be a driver of future economic development for both provinces. “Increasing revenues for tourism operators, adding jobs, and extending employment in the tourism industry will improve the quality of life of individuals and our communities,” says Juanita Jones of MRC Golfe du Saint-Laurent, a Venture partner. 

Garland Nadeau, owner-operator of Eskimo Island Boat Tours and a beneficiary of this initiative says, “This Collaborative Economic Development Venture is an incredible opportunity to harness our common tourism assets and advantages so that we can more effectively cross-market and bridge our tourism spaces to provide a better, more diversified, and tailored tourism experience for visitors.” 

“Specialty travel and a desire to experience unspoiled natural environments are influencing the growth of tourism around the world,” notes John Buck, CEDEC’s President and CEO. “Over and over again, we see that when the public, private and civil society sectors work together, innovative economic development happens, which in turn, benefits individuals and communities.” 

“We share a spectacular interprovincial tourism space that is wildly beautiful, featuring amazing land and water wildlife, fishing villages, small towns and cities, spectacular hydroelectric power plants, and unique historical, ecological and adventure tourism experiences,” says Randy Letto, Executive Director of Venture partner Destination Labrador. “While tourists come to the region by ferry, plane, or car, once here, the Expedition 51 Quebec-Labrador Highway provides a modern looped passageway to explore the region comfortably and at a pace that suits our visitors.” 

Bonnie Goudie, from Labrador Straits Historical Corporation says that the six Visitor Information Centers (VICs) found in the Lower North Shore and Labrador are coordinating services “to ensure a seamless tourist experience. For example, the VIC in Blanc Sablon is acting as a hub to ensure that bilingual information services are available in both Labrador and on the Lower North Shore.” 

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