CEDEC’s Pioneering Work Referenced in New Growth Strategy for Canada Post COVID-19


MONTREAL (QC) – May 04, 2020 – Co-authored by two policy advisors with different political associations and a leading economist, the Public Policy Forum (PPF), Canada’s leading policy dialogue and development platform, outlined on April 28, 2020, a new industrial growth strategy for Canada called a New North Star II: A Challenge-Driven Industrial Strategy for Canada.

The strategy is designed to help Canada get out of the post-COVID-19 recovery starting gate. It proposes a multifaceted strategy to build a new policy consensus on Canada’s future economic growth. The report specifically mentions prioritizing efforts to respond to economically distressed or rural settings. In this regard, the report references CEDEC’S pioneering work over the last two years to create an opportunities-based economic development model driven by public, private, civil society collaboration. The report acknowledges the model as an innovative and promising approach that can help communities contribute to and benefit from the proposed industrial strategy.



“Opportunities-driven public, private, civil society collaboration holds the promise of enhancing innovative economic activity that truly benefits communities,” said John Buck, President and CEO of the Community Economic Development and Employability Corporation (CEDEC). We are pleased the proposed PPF national industrial strategy references our ongoing work to leverage collaboration across traditionally siloed sectors to drive economic innovation that provides tangible benefits to communities.”

“The report includes considerations for choosing what Canada’s priorities should be under a new industrial strategy, and making these choices needs to start not in two years, but a few months,” said Sean Speer, one of the report’s co-authors and Fellow in Residence and Prime Minister of Canada Fellow at the Public Policy Forum. “Organizations with promising and innovative economic development models like CEDEC will be essential contributors to an inclusive, no one left behind approach to industrial renewal and growth in Canada” concluded Speer.

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Catarina Silva
Senior Director, Communications & Marketing