It's a Wrap!

The Creating Inclusive Economies: Building Bridges Between Public, Private, and Civil Society Sectors Conference, was co-hosted by CEDEC and CRRF in May 2022.

The content of the conference demonstrated that deliberate, collective action across the core components of community creates innovation, supports experimentation, and builds a critical mass of knowledge, know-how, resources, and capacity to strengthen the economic well-being of communities and individuals, whether they are in rural or urban settings.

As post-COVID-19 recovery efforts continue, collaboration across the traditional sectors of Canada’s economy will become the motor of economic growth, development, innovation, and capacity building. In rural Canada, as elsewhere in the country, such collaboration is our shared pathway forward to better economies for better lives.

Day 1

Conference opening words

Fireside Chat – A View of Rural Development and Canada’s Economy 

Powering Prosperity: The Impacts of Connectivity on Rural Communities and What It Will Take to Get It Done – With Presenting Conference Sponsor TELUS®

Co-operative Conversion: Helping to Safeguard Jobs & Local Businesses (French only)

Addressing COVID-19 Challenges Through Multi-Sectoral Collaboration: The Rural Rebound Case Studies

Day 2

Canada’s Rural Regions in the Quest for Inclusive Knowledge-Based Economies: Triumphs, Prospects and Challenges

Building Bridges Between Public-Private-Civil Society Sectors to Optimize Rural Economic Development