Stanstead Dinner and Show series kicks off collaborative effort to increase local tourism

Huntingdon, Quebec – June 13, 2023 – A monthly Dinner and Show series will begin with a BBQ and Shakespeare in the Park, kicking off a collaborative effort to increase tourist traffic in Stanstead between July and October 2023.

The Colby-Curtis Museum, Auberge Stanstead, Town of Stanstead, Bazar de Stanstead, and Catherine Van der Linden, Co-founder and President of Phelps Helps, are working together to lead an innovative effort to increase tourist traffic and tourist spend in Stanstead this season. “Our public, private, and civil society Venture will take a first step this season to combine and leverage our natural, cultural, and culinary assets,” said Samuel Gaudreau-Lalande, Director of the Colby-Curtis Museum. “This concrete step is helping us to package and promote our local attractions to enrich our visitors’ tourist experiences.”

Mrs. Van der Linden believes the community will benefit from increased tourism development and promotion. “We have a good tourism infrastructure in Stanstead and a wealth of culture and beauty at our doorstep,” says Van der Lindon. “I’m confident that using our local assets in creative ways will encourage visitors to stay longer and return often to continue sampling what we have to offer.”

“Our geographic good fortune on the Canada-US border positions Stanstead to take advantage of the natural flow of domestic and international travellers,” shared Harvey Stevens, Councillor for the Town of Stanstead. “Our challenge will be to respond to the interests and preferences of different types of travellers and we are taking some first steps in this direction.”

This effort is being enabled by the Community Economic Development and Employability Corporation (CEDEC) and its Collaborative Economic Development and Labour Market Development approach.

“This public, private, and civil society Venture is an example of the innovation and added value that is generated when all three sectors contribute their resources and know-how to leverage community assets and advantages,” says John Buck, President and CEO of CEDEC. “Stanstead is rich with natural and cultural heritage and also dynamic citizens across all sectors that are working to build a better economy for better lives.”

Please watch for specific promotions of each Dinner and Show event and join us in Stanstead this summer.

For more information, please contact CEDEC at