John Gancz


John Gancz is a resident of Chelsea where he lives with his wife and two children. Born, raised and educated in the Montreal area, he has lived in the National Capital region for the past 28 years.

John is committed to learning at personal, organizational and community levels. He possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies and is a Member of the School of Community and Public Affairs. Mr. Gancz has a Graduate Diploma in Community Economic Development and Master of Arts degree in Human Systems Intervention.

John has been involved in the community as a volunteer, as a leader, and as a professional. John’s community and volunteer engagements include the following:

  • President, CEDEC Board of Directors, participation or chair in multiple committees
  • Member and former chair of the CEDEC Community Resource Team in Outaouais
  • Federal Government Interdepartmental Organizational Change Network member and former leadership team member
  • Member of Priority Setting Steering Committee (QCGN)
  • School volunteer – Governing Board, school board Parent and Corporate, technology volunteer at local school and Board Technology Committee
  • Former Member, Advisory Board on English Education

John has worked at the House of Commons for the House Administration since 2000.